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Baseball Keychain

Make your own leather baseball keychain using this easy template with the Cricut Maker.

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One thing we have an abundance of is old, used baseballs. We use them for our batting cage, but I do snag a few of them for crafts. Shhhh.

I’m always itching to do a craft. My baseball mom tribe usually benefits from whatever I’m feelin’ that week. One fan favorite is the baseball bracelet. Check out my easy tutorial on how to make a baseball bracelet.

This time I wanted to do something for my son who just got his driver’s license. A baseball themed keychain would be the perfect gift for this new driver. It is such an easy DIY for a coach’s gift, senior or team gift for the baseball team, new driver or grad gift. Any baseball mom or dad would love this too. You can even make it a sentimental gift for your ball player if you use a homerun or game ball.

Materials needed to make your keychain:

  • Used or new baseball 
  • Cricut MakerThis is the one I have
  • My Free Keychain Template – File linked here.
  • Piece of leather – I used this exact leather
  • X-Acto Knife Linked here if you don’t have one
  • Strong Glue – I use this glue for EVERYTHING! It’s like a glue gun in a bottle.
  • Knife blade for Cricut MakerI used this blade to cut the leather on the Cricut Maker
  • Strong Grip Mat for CricutThis is the one I ordered
  • Keychain Clasp – Similar to the one I used
  • Keyring These ones are similar to the one I used
  • Metal Ruler This one is like my favorite one with the cork backing
  • Self Healing Cutting Mat – I use this exact mat

Let’s get started!

This project can all be done by hand if you are steady with the X-Acto knife or with a Cricut Maker. Unfortunately, it can’t just be any of the Cricut machines. It has to be the Maker. The Maker has the capability to cut many types of tough material, including leather. I hadn’t tried that function out yet and this is a simple enough craft to showcase this ability. The Maker requires the knife blade to cut leather.

Cutting Leather with the Cricut Maker

  1. Download the home plate keychain template that I created to use with your Cricut Maker.
  2. Import the SVG image file into your Cricut Design Space and create a new project. The file is sized exactly as the one I created but you can customize it.
  3. Insert the Cricut knife blade into your Maker machine.
  4. Take your strong adhesive mat and piece of leather. Place the leather with the smooth side down/suede side up. Tape the edges of the leather piece to prevent sliding.
  5. After you have the artwork sized and the leather on your mat and you are ready to make it, select Make it and then Thick Leather for the material type. Follow your prompts on the Cricut to begin cutting. The blade will take a few passes for each cut.
Download the template
Watch the Cricut Maker cut the leather keychain.

—Next steps—
Cutting the Baseball Home Plate

  1. You can use the piece of leather as a template to draw the home plate shape onto your baseball. Decide on how you’d like the stitches to run and trace the shape onto your ball with a pen or pencil.
  2. With the X-Acto knife, carefully cut into the baseball outside of the traced lines. You want it to be larger than the outline you’ve traced so that you can trim it down. Peel the baseball leather piece off after you have cut the home plate shape.
  3. You will now want to trim it so that it fits nicely and centered on top of the leather. You will need the self-healing cutting mat, X-Acto knife and metal ruler. Place the ruler about a .25″ inside from the traced home plate line. You want to follow the shape you had traced onto baseball, but .25″ smaller. You may need to take several passes with the knife to cut all the way through.

—Next steps—
Keychain Assembly

  1. Take the home plate shape and place a few dots of the strong adhesive glue onto the back and place onto the smooth side of the leather.
  2. Take the keyring and feed the cut leather piece through the ring. Place home plate shapes together and trim if needed.
  3. Place a few small dabs of glue onto the sueded side and match the pieces and press together. Wipe any glue that oozes out.
  4. Take the metal keyring and carefully slide it through the loop.

That’s it! You have a baseball keychain.

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Coach Gift Baseball Keychain

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