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Top 10 Packing List for Travel Baseball

Let’s face it. I could pack the entire contents of the house for the weekend and STILL forget something that is super important. I always remind myself that I can always buy it at our destination. It’s not like we are traveling to the ends of the earth. I do like convenience though. And my coupons. 

Let’s start with the obvious:

1. Car snacks.   Seriously. You’d think my kids could survive an hour in the car without feeding their faces. Nope. It better be a buffet too. 

2. PRINTED Directions to the field.   Do you know how many times we have rushed into the car and didn’t know where we were going? An embarrassing amount. There’s no time to wait for Google Maps to boot up either. My husband wants to know left or right NOW.

3. Uniform.  Yes, I really have to put this on the list. This means ALL parts of the uniform. Both uniform shirts, two pairs of pants, sliding pants, socks, belt, hat. ALL OF IT. And put it in it’s own space in the suitcase. Sadly, I have experienced the anguish of not having one of the game jerseys, four hours away from home, which was inevitably the one we would be using that entire weekend. 

4. Cleats.  I do have to make this a line item too. Bring the cleats. Again, speaking from experience. This is why I need these lists. And if your baseball player is at the age where he can wear metal or molded cleats, bring both. Metal cleats can’t be worn on the fake mounds nor on artificial turf.

5. Camp chairs.  I like the convenience of being able to set up and watch where I’d like. Bleachers are okay, but they can hurt your bottom after awhile. These games can be looooooong.

6. Case of Water/Sports Drink.  This is one of those things that I always say that I’ll buy when we get there, but it really is convenient to have in the car already. You’d be surprised on how fast you’ll go through it.

7. Protection from weather.  This could be anything from sunscreen, umbrellas, blankets to hand warmers. Been there. It can be miserable if you don’t. Bug Spray is good to bring too.

8. Music.  If you are traveling quite the distance, you will experience the radio signal strength to your favorite local station will eventually turn into static. You could be left with nothing to listen to for miles. I choose talking to my family. They seem to always remember to bring the music…and headphones.

9. Entertainment.  I would think that my chatter would be entertainment enough but you can also bring a deck of cards, portable movie players/iPad/etc., car bingo, puppets, whatever suits your group.

10. Seat Cover.  Sweaty kid + Baseball dirt + Your car = Not good. 


Safe travels! 

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Top 10 Travel Baseball Packing List


See you at the fields!


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