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Need to find your athlete the perfect gift?

Check out these great gift ideas and send the perfect gift.

I could make a list that could go on forever if I listed every single thing that my kids felt they needed for sports. My garage is a testament to that. This list reflects what I thought were some of the best ideas for any athlete. Hope this list helps you to find something special!



We encourage our son to use his own body weight to work out. He will have time when he gets a little older to add weights into his routine. With his level of activity, we want to try to avoid injury as much as possible. These are a good general set of tools for your athlete to keep it simple. Portable too, so they can be used at home or on the road. 

1 – TRX-Training-Suspension-Complete-Workouts A teammate introduced our son to bands. It’s a great low-impact, strength building and portable piece of equipment.

2 – SKLZ Ladder Quick feet, quick feet, quick feet. Hone those fast twitch muscles. Skip to the loo a little faster. That skill never hurts anyone.3 – Smart Rope Lose count often? Well, this one counts for you AND displays the count in the air as it rotates. Super cool…just focus on the jumping.4 – Perfect Basic Pushup This is great for the flexibility to set up your push-ups where you want with a natural grip.



Keep track of every. single. lap…and enjoy every second of it. These tools help to keep a schedule, become accountable, help manage and let’s face it…make it a little less painful. You can add in an iTunes gift card to top it off.

1 – Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Who doesn’t like to see progress when you’re working out? You can stay connected too. 
2 – Gymwatch – Ultimate Fitness Tracker This measures your strength and motion for a slew of activities. Instant feedback during activity.3 – Nike Diamond Arm Band You need a place to put your phone so you can use that bluetooth magic. Unless you’re standing still. Then you aren’t working out, are you?4 – Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Bluetooth Headphones These are wireless! Who needs all those wires when you are working out. Not me. Not you either.



Gotta get there. May as well have the things you need. I picked some things out that it never hurts to have multiples of for an athlete. Sometimes we have to rotate things to air out the funk. 1 – Nike Sport Duffel Gym Bag My son has this bag and he uses it as his basketball bag and also as an overnight bag for travel weekends.2 – Water Bottle You know why this made the list? Because you can NEVER have enough water bottles. Hydrate, people.

3 – Adidas Slide Sandal These have been the go-to air out those stanky feet sandal for a while. Gotta air out those piggies after a workout. Socks optional. I’m not judging.

4 – Nike Hoodie Most athletes need a hoodie. Just do. We live in a cold climate and my son needs a hoodie to brave the elements after an indoor practice. 



Soreness is part of the game. Feel better with these and get some relief. Go ahead…it’s time to put your feet up. 

1 – Elite Muscle Roller Stick Roll out those knots. Knots aren’t fun. 

2 – Tiger Balm This balm is great for sore muscles. My son uses this for his arm after he pitches. It works for neck kinks too. Unfortunately I know about that one. It kinda smells good too.

3 – Magic Bullet Nutribullet Why not look good on the inside too? Quick and easy way to get the good stuff in.4 – Frogg Togg Towel These towels are perfect for cooling down when the temps get high. These were a life saver when we played in the August heat in Georgia this past year.


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Need to find your athlete the perfect gift? Check out these great ideas and send the perfect gift. | lifeinleftfield


See you at the fields!


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