Get to the ballgame faster with this printable checklist for your kids.

You all know it’s tough to get home from work and then back out the door to those weekday ball games. That is a recipe for…well in our house, it’s just a lot of yelling that can turn into a screaming match with the kid because his stuff isn’t ready and you were to be at the field ten minutes ago. This is supposed to be fun, right? It’s also nice to get some help and give the kid some responsibility too. I have a check list to help with this.

We have an area set aside in the garage for the sports equipment. It makes for an easy and fast grab to get the equipment in the car. Sometimes those items sneak off to other parts of the house…or yard…neighbor’s yard or to who knows where. That’s when I thought it would be in the best interest for all of us in this house to make a list that can be checked off. It’s always nice to have a reminder during these hectic days.

We have traveled to tournaments and forgotten cleats, game shirts, water bottles…and it makes for a stressful day. I made this printable check list for the kid to get himself and his equipment ready for local games. This is something I think kids can start using even before they get to the travel age. That gets them used to helping us, help them.



Kid’s Check List for Local Games




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Baseball Printable Checklist


See you at the fields!

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