The Ultimate Gift Guide for Sports Moms

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Gift Ideas for Sports Moms
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Need gift ideas for mom?

Dont’ worry, I’ve got you covered if you need help with gift ideas for mom. Moms can be hard to buy for, so I’ve curated a bunch of fun items that she’ll be sure to love. Most are items that will make her life easier, more comfortable and show her that you appreciate all that she does. So many budget friendly options to choose from.


Stayin’ toasty in the car

Heated Blanket for the car

Practical gift for mom that is great for watching practice when you don’t have to sit right next to the field and can relax in your car. The cord is long enough that you might be able to sit outside and still stay warm under your blanket. This is also great as an emergency blanket to have in the car all year round.

Find the Heated Blanket here


Mom knows how to sport a cute hat


Sometimes ya gotta just run out the door to get the kids to practice or game. That’s when the beanie is a lifesaver. No one knows what’s going on under there. But boy, I feel like I’ve got it together when I can at least look cute. I keep mine in my car door and it has been great to have on an unexpected chilly evening. And the pom-pom is super cute too. 🙂

Find the Beanie here 


That must-have mom hoodie


If mom doesn’t have a hoodie yet, why not??? And yes, she needs the one with the pouch – for all the stuffs. Mom stuff that includes all her stuff + all the stuff her kids hand to her to hold. Mom definitely needs the pouch.

Find the Hoodie here

Sleepin’ or chillin’? Lookin’ super cool either way

Aviator Sunglasses

Am I sleeping or just relaxing? Doesn’t matter because I’m rockin’ the pink aviators. Protect those eyes from the harmful rays and catch your kids make a great play.

Find the Aviator Sunglasses here


Roomy and comfortable

Canvas Tote

GAH!!! All the heart eyes on this one! Look how cute this tote is! Besides being so cute, it’s lightweight, has zippers and has plenty of room. Big enough to fit all the things—Tablet, phone, water bottles, snacks, gum, seeds, granola bars-you get the point! You could easily get this personalized for mom with a monogram.

Find the Canvas Tote here


Hands free and discreet cooler

Cooler Backpack

Is this a backpack?…cooler?….It’s both! I just got one of these and I love it. It totally looks like an everyday backpack and has lots of room. It’s also a cooler lined with that special insulating silver foil lining to keep things cool. There’s enough room for mom’s stuff, cool drinks and food. What I also love is that fact that I can be hands free to carry anything else. It’s so convenient and it seems to be very well made too.

Find the Cooler Backpack here

Every sports mom’s motto

Eat. Sleep. Get kids to sports. Repeat. Shirt

Yep. This about sums it all up. 

Find the Eat. Sleep. Get kids to sports. Repeat. Shirt here


Fill ‘er up!

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

With so many early morning games, I know I can’t live without my travel mug filled with coffee. I can’t always rely on the concession stands to have coffee made. And because we’re always running late, there’s no time to spare running through the drive-thru for coffee. I thought this one was really cute and budget friendly.

Find the Stainless Steel Travel Mug here

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Water Bottle

Moms need to hydrate too. This one comes in a bunch of colors to match whatever suits mom’s fancy. This one has a straw so she can pace herself when she hydrates.

Find the Water Bottle here


Happy bum = Happy Mum!

Ultra Padded Bleacher Seat 

I don’t own this particular seat, but it is for sure going to be one of my next purchases. Do you see how thick that padding is? Do you??? Oh boy! My buns would love to be planted right there. There is a lot of sitting and I need every cushy inch of that seat. From the travel time to the field, sitting through warm-ups, sitting through the game and then the car ride home – there is a lot of sitting. Moms need the maximum cushy for their tushy. 

Find the Ultra Padded Bleacher here

Sun and rain protection

Shade and Rain Umbrella

Can I just tell you what a lifesaver these umbrellas have been? I mainly use mine to protect me from the sun, but it has come in handy for rain (obviously) and shade forts for the siblings. You might think these are too big – NO, they are the perfect size and can be stored in your folding chair bag so mom won’t need an extra hand.

Find the Umbrella here


Give mom the gift of more friends

Little Buddy Personal Heater

Keep mom warm all season with this personal heater. It uses those green propane tanks that you can easily find in the camping section at most stores. All of a sudden, mom will be the most popular fan in the stands.

Find the Little Buddy Personal Heater here


Keep mom’s hands and toes warm

Body, Hand and Feet Warmers

These are a lifesaver and a must. This variety pack covers it all – Hands, Feet and Body. The body warmers are larger and have a light adhesive to stick to your back. I always keep these stocked in my car and use them for watching baseball games in the early spring or fall ball. If mom is watching any type of outdoor sport, she needs these. Perfect too for any player that gets cold hands during the game. My son keeps a hand warmer in each of his back pockets during the cold season. Perfect stocking stuffer surprise for mom.

Find the Hand Warmers here

Mom’s snaggin’ wagon

Folding Wagon

Mom is the holder of all the stuffs. These wagons make make mom’s journey from that far away parking space to all the way over to the furthest field a little more joyous. She can literally bring the whole trunk and not have to worry about multiple trips for a water bottle, blanket, cleats, etc. It’s like the conestoga wagon for moms – aka, house on wheels.

Find the Folding Wagon here

Essential Blanket – No wind! No wet bums!

Plush Fleece Outdoor Stadium Rainproof and Windproof Blanket

This is the ultimate blanket. It has soft fleece on one side and a wind and waterproof material on the other side. Use it on cold days. Use it on windy days. Use it on wet bleachers. Use it on the damp ground. You can snuggle with mom to watch the game. Sounds perfect to me.

Find the Fleece Rainproof and Windproof Blanket here


Easier weeknight meals


Running around to practices and games isn’t easy and then adding in a meal – Mom has to summon her super powers to make it all work—but she does. This can help mom with the crazy weeknights. Meals can be ready for whomever is home and still be warm for whomever is coming in later. Kids (and parents too) can grab a bowl and eat on the run. It’s an easy way to get a healthy meal into the bellies of our athletes.

Find the Instapot here


Mama Bear—because she cares

Mama Bear Window Decal 

You know mom is your biggest fan and mama bear won’t let anything happen to her babies. Those umps or refs making bad calls…watch out! Benched for too long…watch out! Mama Bear is coming your way!! She’s also there when you need a snack, a tear wiped or a shoulder to lean on. Decal can be placed on car windows or framed on colored paper for the family photo wall in the house.

Find the Mama Bear Decal here


Remind mom of how much you love her

Best Mom Ever Wish Bracelet

A nice way to remind mom that she is special and that you appreciate all that she does. 

Find the Bracelet here 


Philosophy Face Cleanser

I have used this face cleanser for over 20 years. And do you know why it’s been that long? Because it’s the best! Wondering why I put this on the list? This cleanser is so gentle and yet cleans so well. I have sensitive skin and it has never caused irritation and it gets off a full day’s make-up and sunscreen with ease. They have other great products too. Amazing Grace – A combined shampoo and shower gel is another one I’d recommend. It smells so good!

Find the Philosophy Face Cleanser here


Magnetic Dry-Erase Calendar

Moms need all the help they can get. This dry-erase calendar is an easy way to see everyone’s schedule at a glance. Everyone will be able to add their own events and see what’s going on in the week ahead. It is magnetic too so everyone can have their own magnet in case the activities and people are too much for one square.

Find the Magnetic Dry-Erase Calendar here



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