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It’d sure be a different world without them, wouldn’t it?

The best ones are BIG and untamed. I would hope that all kids have these big dreams. My son certainly does. He reminds me that I still need to keep on dreaming big too. 

The Print

I designed this print to frame and hang in his bedroom both as a reminder and inspiration. It’s an image that I took while doing what we love to do as a family – watching more baseball. This was taken at PNC Park while rooting for our Pittsburgh Pirates.

The print is formatted to fit into an 8×10 inch photo frame. You can download the print and send it to your local photo or print store or use your own printer. 


Here is the file to print: Download

Framed Baseball Print

Framed Baseball Print


Keep on dreaming those Big Dreams, kid.

See you at the fields!


Baseball Dream Big Print lifeinleftfield



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