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Make your own Baseball Nest ||

I love when I can incorporate our family’s love of baseball into our home without screaming I LOVE BASEBALL! This can sit quietly just about anywhere. I think it goes well with the Spring season decor too. The idea came to me while I was cleaning up the yard after the snow had melted. We have a river birch in the front yard that we had pruned last fall and apparently hadn’t cleaned up all that well after ourselves. This is super easy to do and doesn’t require any crafty genes. Promise.


There are only 3 items that you’ll need:

  1. Handful of found twigs (Must be long and flexible. River Birch, Ninebark, etc. work well)
  2. Bark covered wire – about a 6-8 inch piece.
  3. Baseball

Baseball Decor - Wire ||

This is bark covered wire. I love this stuff. I originally found it at a floral store, but you can find in most craft stores too. This type of wire blends in nicely with the twigs.


Baseball Decor - twigs ||

These are the twigs that I used from our River Birch tree. You can see that I had flexed them and they stayed slightly bent on their own.

Baseball ||

And finally, a baseball.

  1. Begin by selecting twigs about the same length. Gather them together in one hand as flush to the outside edge of your hand as you can. It’s okay if they are not exactly the same length.
  2. Bend the twigs into a circular shape to meet the other hand. At this point, you should be able to grasp the entire twig bunch in one hand forming a circle.
  3. With the other hand, take the 6 inch bark covered wire and wrap it around all of the twigs to secure both end together. The ends should overlap by about 2-3 inches so that you can get the wire wrapped around it all. The nest should be roughly formed at this point.
  4. Tuck unsecured twigs under the wire and you can add one twig at a time to create your desired fullness of the nest. Leave a few unruly twigs or add a few short pieces to the nest to keep it authentic looking.
  5. Place the baseball into your nest.

Make it extra special by adding a game ball or homerun ball that has those details written on it. It will be a nice display for your every day decor and it shows your support for your ball player.

Told you it was easy. AND you clean your yard up a little. Win-Win.

Happy Spring!


PIN IT for later. 🙂


See you at the fields!

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