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Baseball Bracelet

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How to make a baseball bracelet

You can make a leather bracelet out of a baseball. Yes, you might now think twice about just watching that foul ball go off into the weeds and go fetch it! Or do what I did and use an old one from our ball bucket – of course, with permission from my husband and son. It would be sacrilege should I use one that was still in good shape. The one I used had broken stitching, so I knew it was safe to use. 🙂

This bracelet is super cute and easy to make. In fact, you can make TWO bracelets from one baseball. One for you and one for your fellow baseball mom, grandmother or sibling. You definitely want to use a real leather baseball. I don’t think the synthetic baseballs will be as comfortable or straighten out like the leather does.

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Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
  1. Leather Baseball
  2. Pencil
  3. X-ACTO knife
  4. Scissors
  5. Magnetic Bracelet Clasp

Project time: about 10-20 minutes. Easy craft to do BUT children should not use the X-ACTO knife and not handle the small magnetic clasp. 


Baseball Bracelet


 Find a leather baseball. Just don’t use one that’s been autographed, on a shelf… just buy one if you don’t want any trouble or want it to be clean and bright white. (I’m having flashbacks of the Sandlot movie!) 

 Baseball Bracelet


 With a pencil draw a line on either side of the red stitching. Leave about 1/8″-1/4″ away from the stitches.


Baseball Bracelet


Cut along the pencil line that you just drew. Don’t get too close to the holes or cut across the seam. And don’t worry too much about getting a smooth curve now. You can trim the excess away with scissors and smooth out the wonky curves later.


Baseball Bracelet


 After you cut along both sides of the red stitches, peel away the inside leather. (The part without the stitching) Carefully, use the edge of the X-ACTO knife if you need to peel up an area to pull back. It should peel off pretty easily.


Baseball Bracelet


 Now peel the stitching off of the ball. Pretty cool insides, huh? It should come off as one piece. The ends of the stitches will be woven into the ball. They will pull right out with a little effort.



 See how I have the knots on the outside of my bracelet? (in main photo) Those are the knots from the manufacturer where they knotted and glued the stitches. If you don’t like that look, that’s where you can cut across the seams and untie the strings to have just a smooth stitched bracelet. I liked that detail so I cut opposite of those. Whatever style you like, you need to fold and then cut the leather in half with scissors. You will end up with two equal pieces of seams.



 The two seams will be squiggly. You can fix that! Since it’s leather and pliable, you can massage it until it straightens out. I added a few drops of water and worked the leather into a straight shape. It was pretty straight after that, but I let mine dry overnight on a flat surface and it was perfect the next day. Trim any bumps or unevenness to make a nice even shape on both sides of the seams.




Measure the band around your wrist and eyeball about where you want the bracelet sized. Start to unravel the stitches to the point where you want to cut. Trim only the leather with your scissors. Leave the strings – do not cut them. Cut a nice curve to the leather ends.




Now you will want to grab your magnetic clasp. Take one end of the bracelet strings and fish the 4 strings through the eye of the clasp. Tie opposite side strings together so it makes a tight knot. Tie another knot around the clasp end and trim excess string. Repeat with other end of bracelet and clasp. 


And that’s it!
Super easy and super cute to wear…and share. Now go fetch that foul ball! 


Make a baseball bracelet in a day! Perfect for every baseball mom and fan.  


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And, if you’re just wondering what is on the inside of a baseball…my daughter helped you out…

Lots of string and another ball!


Inside of Baseball

See you at the fields!


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  1. Jan says:

    You make it look easy 😉
    You did a jam up job on this, fam!

  2. Rita Wilkerson says:

    Can u buy this already made?

  3. Jayson says:

    Where did you get the magnetic clasp?

  4. Nicole says:

    My ball is sticky/waxy on the inside of the leather. Was yours this way? Any ideas on getting it clean while keeping the leather in tact?


    • Megan says:

      Hi – The baseball I used wasn’t very sticky at all – probably because it was used a few times for batting practice and older. New baseballs are definitely stickier.

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