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A reminder to be thankful and set a good example

It’s not uncommon to see professional athletes gesturing praise or thanking God after a spectacular play. Is it for show? Or is it their true character? I prefer to believe that it is authentic and that my kids were paying attention. It’s important to be kind, humble and thankful. And that’s easy to do by example. 

Professional athletes are in the spotlight and under the microscope. We watch them on and off the field. They serve as role models and inspiration to the young athletes aspiring to be just like them. We can start by making the best example with ourselves and hope that when this generation of athletes grows up that they have the foundation of goodness within them and can become model examples too.

This printable Athlete’s Prayer is a great way to remind us all that our talents are not to be taken for granted. They are truly a blessing. Not everyone has the ability, physically or financially, to be able to participate in sports. Be a good sport on the field on and off the field.

This is a free downloadable print that you can frame in an 8″ x 10″ frame. This would look great framed and hung in a bedroom, game room or use it as a gift. You can get a matted frame here.


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Athlete Prayer Printable || lifeinleftfield




An Athlete’s Prayer

God, let me play well but fairly.
Help me to learn something that matters once the game is over.
Let competition make me strong but never hostile.
Always let me help my opponent up.
Never catch me rejoicing in the adversity of others.
If I know victory, allow me to be happy;
If I am denied, keep me from envy.
Remind me that sports are just games.
If through athletics I set an example, let it be a good one.



Athlete Prayer Printable || lifeinleftfield

You can frame the print.

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Free Printable of Athlete's Prayer |


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