Hi. I’m Megan.

I willingly travel across state lines to watch my son play baseball.

So you cringed when you read that, right? No?  Then park yourself right here. You are in the right place. And if you did, well that’s okay. I still like you. This certainly isn’t for everyone.

We live like nomads for most of the summer when we travel from ballpark to ballpark, sampling the finest (and not-so-finest) concessions, guzzling gallons of Gatorade, slathering on the suntan lotion and cheering on our favorite baseball player. And we love every minute of it.

We are coming up on our fourth season as a travel ball family. This is the chronicle of that journey – along with any helpful information on what it takes to make these trips and experiences the best for all family members – because it is a family adventure. I thought after all these years, I should probably start putting all these things in one place and hey, why not share? My son has worked really hard to get to this level of play and I can share how he prepares to be his best self too.

When I’m not at the field, I’m a freelance Visual Designer. We have to pay for all of this somehow, right? We are a family of four—myself, husband (main chauffeur, trunk re-organizer, arm warmer-upper), my son (the baseball player) and my daughter (that thankfully has most of her activities during the week). We live in the Northeast part of the country and get to enjoy all four seasons – which means a lot of indoor practices for this outdoor sport.

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My Family

Safe travels and I’ll see you at the fields.